KL2-C Lightweight LED Cordless Miner Cap Lamp for Underground and Outdoor

KL2-C Lightweight LED Cordless Miner Cap Lamp for Underground and Outdoor

Model No.︰KL2-C

Brand Name︰Brando

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description

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Technical Specs


Name KL2-C
Item Unit Data
Rated capacity Ah 6.2
Nominal voltage V 3.7
Lighting time h 15
Rated voltage V 4.2
Power of main light W 2.22
Illminous of main light Lum 170
Beging lighting Lx 10000
Charging time Hrs 4
Weight g 170
Battery cycle times 1200
Water-proof grade   IP68




* Compact design

* Long life li-ion battery

* Easy push-button operation

* Anti-static durable housing

* Water resistant (IP68)

* Electrical short circuit protection




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 Correct Use:

The BRANDO cordless cap lamp is a camera miner’s safety lamp. 
The device is attached to a safety helmet, designed to accommodate front mounted attachments, and its power source, battery and housing, is integreted into the cap lamp housing.

The device is primarily designed for underground mining activities and emergency services.



This product supports life and health in an underground environment. 
Inappropriate use, maintenance or tampering may affect the function of the device and 
therefore compromise the product’s ability to support life and protect against harm



When using the BRANDO Cordless Cap Lamp the following safety instructions must be observed:
•  Device shall be operated by qualified personnel.
•  Before each use, check the functionality of the device.
•  Be aware of the procedures for handling electrostatically sensitive electronics, which include BRANDO cap lamps.
•  This device contains electrostatically sensitive components. Do not open or repair the device without using appropriate electrostatic protection.
•  Be aware of the warranty regulations.
•  Do not charge in hazardous areas.
•  Charge only with approved charging devices.



Waterproof, Fireproof and Drop Resistance Cap Lamp




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One set each gift box with 1pc head lamp, 1pc USB charger / Single Charger and Manual


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 Application of Brando Miner Lamp


Suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1, zone 2 locations; 

Suitable for combustible dust environment 20 zone, 21 zone and 22 zone places; 

Suitable for A, II B, II C explosive gas environment; 

Suitable for: indoor, outdoor 1.8-3.5 meters in height;


Widely used in petrochemical, chemical, nuclear power, military automobile shipbuilding industries, suitable for oil pipelines, cable interlayer, platform channel, pump house , Tunnel Project , Mountian-climbing,hiking, Patrolling, Overhauling and Emergency in electrical power company,Mine , Military, Police, Fire Fighting, Dockyard and other hazardous locations ect..




Payment Terms︰ TT,L/C,Western Union

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