KL12LM-C Explosion-proof Mining Cap Lamp with Camera

KL12LM-C Explosion-proof Mining Cap Lamp with Camera

Model No.︰KL12LM-C

Brand Name︰Brando

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description


Multiful Function and High Performance Cap Lamp!       

The brightest light and best safety for yours.        

Brightness is up to 15000lux ! Weight is light for portable use.        

Fire-resistant, flame retardant, crash-proof, water-proof,        

dust-proof, high temperature resistant ,high reliable and durable.   


The cameras which installed on the miners caps is to ensure the safety of miners, and help the search and rescue work, 

investigation of the causes after mine disaster

Two of buttons, One is control the lamp, and another to control the carmera



Widely use ! For industrial lighting and fire lighting !        

15000lux 18hours  working time, long lifespan of  100000hours , IP68 20meters  diving water-proof         

grade. Special. fire-resistant and steel hardness material for the lamp case,         

"Professional for miner's safety lighting and fireman lighting."    


    KL12LM Super bright 25000lux led cap lamp underground mining


High capacity Li-ion battery, 6hours charging time !       

10400mAh  rechargeable Li-ion battery for 18hours  working time to meet the long        

working time underground. Charging full in 6hours 



Battery Capacity 10.4Ah
Charging Current 2A
IPgrade IP68
Running Time 15hrs
Illumination 15000lux
Camera recording time 1-5 days
IR mode Yes
Low Power indicator Yes
Camera type CCD
Camera pixel 800W
Camera storage TF card
Camera communication Support for smart platforms



explosion-proof cap lamp


KL12LM Miner Safety cap lamp



Technical Specifications   KL12LM - Ccord cap lamp
Light source one main light and two auxiliary lights
Battery capacity 10.4Ah
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Main light current (strong light) 1000mA
Main light current (working light) 600mA
Power of the main light (strong light) 3w
Power of the main light (working light) 1.8W
Illuminous(strong light) 348LUM
Illuminous(working light) 240LUM
Brightness of the main light (working light) 15000lux
Life span for main LED 100000hours
Battery cycles 1200 cycles
Charging time   6 hours
Cable length   1.2m 0r 1.6m
Weight   490g
Water-proof grade IP68
Certified CE

Payment Terms︰ TT,Western Union

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